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Theory Group

Prof.KigazawaWelcome to our home page!

The theory division is a major research center of theoretical particle physics, nuclear physics and astronomy in Japan. We have twenty permanent staffs and a large number of postdocs. In comparison, the number of SOKENDAI graduate students around 15 is rather small and hence we can offer a meticulous guidance taking account of the personality and interests of a student.

At the same time, we have many young and enthusiastic postdocs. We have played a major role in Japan in aiding them to become full-fledged investigators. Their presence is also of a great merit for the graduate students. They are of a similar age and could be a precious source of the knowledge and friendship.

In our division, many seminars reporting the most recent research activities are regularly held. The interesting research papers are also introduced regularly. We have many domestic as well as foreign visitors. Of course you can attend the seminars which report on the experimental aspects in our field. We believe that you can enjoy one of the most stimulating research environments in Japan and even at the international level.

Although SOKENDAI does not have a very long history, we have already nurtured active young scholars who are highly visible at the international level. We offer 5-year PhD course for whom with a bachelor's degree or equivalent. We also offer 3-year PhD course for whom with a master's degree or equivalent.

We are happy to welcome you if you are ready to explore the mysteries of nature through particle physics, nuclear physics and astronomy. We believe we can help you to fulfill your academic potentials. Please contact us with courage and curiosity.

The head of theory division
Yoshihisa Kitazawa

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