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Experiment group, department of particle and nuclear physics

Welcome to the website of the experiment group in the department of particle and nuclear physics!

High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) is Japan’s one of the largest bases of research on particle and nuclear physics. As an inter-university research institute corporation, it is pushing forward with cutting-edge experimental projects in particle and nuclear physics through close collaboration with researchers in domestic and foreign universities and research institutes. We experiment group members are working hard on our research day and night with determination to be front-runners, while we are guiding and educating the next generation as SOKENDAI faculty members.

This site tells you how we are going to give education and guidance on research to students taking the five-year doctor course.

It is a great pleasure for us to do research with young people filled with inquiring and trying mind. We hope very much that more and more people set their hearts on studying in our field.

Faculty members of experimental courses
Department of particle and nuclear physics
The graduate university for advanced studies (SOKENDAI)

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