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Theory Group
Research subjects

The research subjects can be roughly categorized into the following fields.

Phenomenological particle physics
(Supersymmetric models, Grand unified models, Brane world etc.)
Lattice gauge theory (Lattice field theory, Lattice QCD simulation etc.)
Superstring theory (Non-perturbative analysis using matrix models, Noncommutative geometry etc.)
Gravity (Black hole, Cosmology, Quantum gravity etc.),
Fundamental aspects of quantum theory
Hadron physics, Nuclear physics
(Structure function, Phase structure of QCD, Exotic nuclear matter etc.)

As you can see from the above list, KEK theory group has a widespread spectrum of research fields. The average age of researchers is lower than in ordinary research groups in universities, and many young researchers are taking an active part in the front line. Quite a few conferences focusing on various fields are held at KEK every year, and many researchers from all over Japan visit KEK to participate them. As an inter-university research institute, KEK accepts many foreign researchers as short-term or long-term visitors, and has attracted attention as one of the world's leading center of research. New results at the leading edge are being produced one after another in such an excellent research environment.


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