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Theory Group
Faculty members

Lattice gauge theory

Shigemi Ohta
esearch subjects

hadron physics, numerical lattice quantum chromodynamics, dedicated computers for lattice QCD

Shoji Hashimoto
Research subjects
Theoretical particle physics, Lattice gauge theory
Interest High performance computing
Hobby Bike
Message to SOKEN Student Here at KEK, we have plenty of research opportunities. We are waiting for you to join us.
Takashi Kaneko
Research subjects

Lattice field theories particularly for non-perturbative studies of strong interactions.

Interest Computer architectures.

Reading novels.

Favorite work The darkest hour is that before the dawn.
Message Try to absorb as much knowledge as possible in various fields of high energy physics without being unduly restricted within your main major in order to gain clear insights into outstanding problems and perform your unique researches in the future.
Norikazu Yamada
Research subjects

Particle Phenomenology using Lattice QCD. Especially exploring CP violation and flavour physics by studying heavy hadron decays with Lattice.

Interest Nice and inexpensive apartment

mahjong; drive; playing volleyball

Favorite work Peace
Message Try everything with ambition.
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