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Phenomenological particle physics

Yasuhiro Okada
Research subjects

The elementary particle physics is currently understood within the context of the Standard Model, which is a gauge theory for quarks and leptons. It is, however, an important issue to find out what is the more fundamental theory that is valid in smaller spacial scales or higher energy scales. From various theoretical and experimental reasons, supersymmetric models and supersymmetric grand unified theories are supposed to be promising candidates. The purpose of my current research is to clarify from theoretical viewpoints how physics beyond the Standard Model like supersymmety can be explored from various physical processes such as Higgs boson searches, B meson decays, and muon rare decays.

Kaoru Hagiwara
Research subjects

Elementary Particle Theory

Interest Physics, Economy, Atmosphere, Sustainable growth
Hobby Reading, Walking, Travel, Frog
Favorite work Sincerity, Effort, Life, Diversity
Message Please find a subject in which you can add something new on top of the accumulated knowledge of mankind.
Mihoko M. Nojiri
Research subjects

Particle Physics

Interest Music
Message Year 2007 will be very iimportant year for Particle Physics. LHC is starting, which is the experiment to search for the particles that were predicted but have not yet confirmed experimentally. Among those, Higgs boson, supersymmetric partners, and the particle that consists of the dark matter in our Universe are very promising partcles that can be studied at LHC. I am studying possible paths to study those new partcles at LHC. I also study the nature of DM in our universe.
Nobuchika Okada
Research subjects

Now we have the Standard Model which is in excellent agreement with almost of all current experiments. However, there still are some mysteries in the Standard Model and thus many physicists believe the existence of new physics beyond the Standard Model. Supersymmetric theories and brane world scenarios are known as plausible candidates, and these have been intensively investigated. I have been working on new physics model building and investigating ways to check new physics models in future experiments. Also I have been working on particle cosmology and astrophysics, which are strongly related to new physics models.

Interest Nice food and nice liquor
Hobby Fishing and cooking
Favorite work Far beyond the sun
Message Please tackle physics with flexible minds and broad interests.
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