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Theory Group
Faculty members

Superstring theory, Gravity, Fundamental aspects of quantum theory

Yoshihisa Kitazawa
Research subjects

Nonperturbative investigations of superstring theory through supersymmetric matrix models.

Interest Have a good time with my family.
Hobby Cooking, Swiming
Favorite work The most surprising aspect of nature is she is comprehensible. (Einstein)
Message Please make the most of the resources of SOKENDAI, stuffs, postdocs and its facilities.
Satoshi Iso
Research subjects

Theoretical physics (particle physics, field theory, string theory)

Interest Superstring theory is the most promising candidate for the quantum unification of space, time and matter. I have been working on its nonperturbative formulation, i.e. matrix models, to investigate the origin of our four-dimensional world. I am also interested in field theoretic description of condensed matter physics, the history of early universe and black holes.
Hobby Camping, Skiing, Bird watching
Izumi Tsutsui
Research subjects

Main fields: Quantum Field Theory and Foundation of Quantum Mechanics. I have been studying the mathematical foundation of quantum mechanics, especially on possible quantization schemes for systems which have nontrivial topological structures (e.g., singularities or defects). Applied in gauge field theories, these structures lead to intriguing physical phenomena such as solitons and anomalous symmetry breaking which are crucial both in the Standard Model of particle physics and string theory. I am also interested in the non local aspects of quantum mechanics and their application in various fields, for instance, in quantum game theory where entangled states (strategies) may resolve dilemmas in conventional game theory.

Interest history, literature and scholars in Edo period
Hobby classical music, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy
Favorite work [文質彬彬] The man of virtue requires a balance between the accomplishments and solid qualities.
Message Find out what you are, where your best qualities lie, and then set your goal to achieve.
Jun Nishimura
Research subjects

Lattice gauge theory has been useful in studying various nonperturbative phenomena in QCD such as quark confinement. One of the lines of research I have been pursuing for years is the application of analogous nonperturbative approaches to dynamical issues in quantum gravity, string theory and non-commutative geometry. For instance, I have been studying matrix models to investigate the possibility that four-dimensional space-time and the standard model gauge group appear dynamically from ten-dimensional superstring theory. I am also interested in applying lattice gauge theory to the study of chiral fermions and finite temperature systems.

Interest Latin dance.
Hobby Swimming; Music in general.
Favorite work "Divide each problem or difficulty into as many parts as possible." (by Descartes, 1637)
Message Bear in mind a big dream, and try to proceed towards it step by step by doing down-to-earth research. Through collaborations and daily discussions, I hope to share with you the joy of new discovery and the joy of gaining deeper understanding in Nature.
Makoto Natsuume
Research subjects

String theory and general relativity. Black hole physics from the point of view of string theory, and how string theory solves unsolved issues of general relativity such as "singularity problems" and "information paradox."

Interest Writing popular articles about theoretical physics, especially on string theory. For the full list of my popular articles, see
Hobby Reading
Ken-ji Hamada
Research subjects

Background free quantum gravity and cosmology. There are two formulations to describe background-metric independent quantum space-time in four dimensions. One is a numerical method for quantizing gravity carried on the simplicial space-time manifold. The other is a renormalizable theory of gravity on the basis of a conformal gravity. I have mainly been studying the latter, and my recent interest is to understand early universe by the renormalizable quantum gravity.

Favorite work Going my way
Message Please find your own research interest.
Shun'ya Mizoguchi
Research subjects

String theory; in particular, noncritical superstring theory in various approaches, matrix models as a nonperturbative formulation and infinite-dimensional symmetries in supergravity and string theory.

Hobby Applications of noncritical superstrings to phenomenological model building.
Message Basket ball. Listening to/playing music.
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